Planets are whom?


I contemplate a lot of ladies sitting at their homes and pursuing a lot for their children and spouses. I appreciate all these kind of things. I really praise their vigorous attempts. But sometimes, i befog in this matter. I mean that i keep an agog to ask all those in this matter to ask all those ladies that what have they done for themselves? This is ok to spawn their whippersnappers and their society but what is generous for themselves?

They should do something for themselves? Not all ladies, but i want to talk about those who just try to live for their progeny and mates. Why don´t they realise that they have their own existence. I know they have happiness in their children´success but it is just because they never try to find real euphoria. I want this to implement on myself first.

I want to do some sort of stuff for my self. I must psych for myself as I used to do before marriage. Life does not end up after marriage. But continues till the last breath.

Actually I know the reason behind it, it is that I have forgotten my own reality. Women are not sent just to deplore and cry for others? No …!!

Life is something else, It is bizarre blessing. Kindly try to find out what you are, try to enjoy a real life. Only this can make your life vital and pithy otherwise I would be nothing but an innocent soul. I don´t want to to become innocent soul because angels have already existed to do this job. if I believe that I exist in this world. This world and this planet is mine…but I am in search of my place…!!!