Girl Power


I am a woman. I want a power to decide. I want to do things as I want.

While working in kitchen, when I feel I am useless I pick the old things and remake them. Just finding my own place.

I stitch scrap objects as I do and want patch ups in my relationships to make family bounding. Sometimes I fight with thread just to make it straight when it’s messed up just like I fight with circumstances.

I try to understand the chemistry of different materials by doing embellishments, painting, printing, dying and weaving just like how I keep on understanding the chemistry between hearts of my loved beings. I do cooking and cleaning for them to make them happy by all possibilities. I do this all just to have my place my worth that is hidden somewhere.

I do carving, may be I can find some clue. I just keep on finding my value. Everybody in this world has place. Where is mine? In old church, river, grass, trees, home, scrap things, market, countries, cities, villages, floor, sky, eyes, heart, restaurant, mountains, sea, or an old mosque, where is my origin and where is my future? I just keep going on. Why I am here? I want to glitter in the air with my talent.

I want to explore where and what I am. Am I free like birds? In old traditions or in modern world where I was, where I am…?Where to go and what to do… ? I can be a part of progress, but how can I? Art is not for sale and artists can’t be rich but I don’t want to be rich. I just want to tell-that ART has worth, art has power art has ability to conquer, to change, to fight… so on and on…

That’s why I create with whatever I have and what I can easily get. I just create to strive for my dreams, to feed my soul and to console my inner passion. I just create to defeat my dreams that I want to lighten-the world with peace.

As if I am a mother can’t I do the best art work? Why? Although my children are my priority but, I don’t want to waste MYSELF; really I don’t want emotional suicide, really I don’t want that… AaaaahhhhHhhH… !!!